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The 21st century continues to prove to be a challenging time for Muslims across the globe. We live in a world where doubts, misconceptions and lies are deceptively branded as the truth. The world’s largest media outlets are openly propagating the view that Islam is a backwards religion which holds no place in the modern world, whilst Western governments are continuously attempting to redefine what Islam should – and shouldn’t – be. All of this ultimately leads to confusion, and we suddenly find ourselves being challenged by contemporary, modern day issues that need to be addressed.

The Hot Seat is an interactive podcast that aims to deal with these issues by using classical solutions from the past. Atheism. Feminism. Politics. Jihad. The early generations of Muslims – the best of Muslims – had answers for all of these issues and many more.

However, this isn’t your average Islamic lecture series. Firstly, YOU have the power to choose the topic you would like to see discussed on the show by clicking on the ‘Place Your Vote’ button below. Secondly, the unique format of the show comes to life through an engaging, captivating, and often heated dialogue between two opposing parties. Enjoy!

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